I have lately been working on making a better wireless remote controller for my electric skateboard, and I decided to try and upgrade the existing OLED display with a bigger TFT LCD display.

I decided upon a screen with a resolution of 160×80 pixels, giving it 12800 pixels rather than the old 128×32 = 4096 pixels. The display can be found on Aliexpress.

The display used on my original remote came mounted on a breakout PCB, and could be controlled using I2C. This display, however, comes with a four-wire SPI protocol and I could not find a breakout PCB with my required dimensions. Thus, I had to design my own. The design uses a simple NPN transistor to control the brightness of the screen, and an auto-reset IC to reset the device upon startup. The reset IC is not necessary, however useful to reduce the number of wires going to the screen.

Using a PCB milling machine I made a simple prototype PCB, in order to test my layout and try out some software examples. The prototype doesn’t use the auto-reset IC, as I had no one laying around as I previously though. The prototype came out pretty nice:

Connecting all the needed wires to an nRF52 and using the Adafruit TFT library, I managed to get a simple interface working on the screen:

The prototype is working, and I only have to do some final adjustments to the PCB before I can order a few from a PCB manufacturer for a better-looking prototype. Afterward, I will move on to the more important part of my project; wireless communication. Have a nice day!

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