Firefly Receiver v1


This PCB is made to replace your home-made receiver for the Firefly Remote. It includes a shielded nRF24 module and an external antenna to ensure a reliable and strong connection.

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This PCB is designed around the Atmega32u4 which comes with native USB support. The chip is preloaded with the Sparkfun Arduino Pro Micro bootloader and comes preprogrammed with the newest development version of Firefly Remote software however can easily be reprogrammed through the micro USB.

The PCB is fully assembled, and therefore replaces the need for an Arduino Nano and nrf24 module. The PCB includes the following:

  • Shielded nRF24 module with external antenna
  • Atmega32u4 with Micro USB
  • 3.3V voltage regulator (LDO)
  • 220uF low ESR capacitor

The PCB is a prototype, as well as the software installed. Use at your own risk!

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3,7 – 15V


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