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Now that you have assembled all the hardware, it should be a breeze to upload the software. There are currently two methods this can be done. The first method is to compile and upload everything through the Arduino IDE while having installed the needed libraries. The other method is to download the precompiled code and installing it with Xloader (in the works).

By using Arduino IDE you will be able to debug if something doesn’t work, this is not possible with the precompiled code as this doesn’t contain debugging.


Method 1: Arduino IDE

Make sure to download the latest version of Arduino IDE. Next, you will have to manually install the two libraries to make the remote work. These are U8g2 and VescUartControl.

The library U8g2 is needed for the display, and you can download and install this through the Arduino library manager.

The next library VescUartControl is needed to send and receive data between your receiver and your VESC. The library is not available through the library manager and has to be downloaded from Github. The UART communication has changed a bit in the latest firmware, and you will have to download the right library depending on your firmware.

Older than version 3.7: VescUartControl-old

Newer than version 3.7: VescUartControl-new


Next, you will have to download the latest version of the software for both the remote and receiver from Github: https://github.com/SolidGeek/nRF24-Esk8-Remote/tree/development


Method 2: Using Xloader

Coming soon.