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To build a Firefly remote, you will need some basic tools and quite a few different parts.  A complete buying list can be found on Google drive. This tutorial includes both the building of the remote and the receiver.


  • Access to a 3D-printer
  • Soldering iron (and soldering tin)
  • Pliers and tweezers


  • Two Arduino Nano (with a dedicated 3.3V voltage regulator)
  • Two nRF24 modules
  • 128×32 OLED display
  • 5V step-up regulator
  • 3.7V Lipo battery (400mAh)
  • Lipo charger board
  • Linear Hall sensor
  • Female Micro USB
  • Micro limit switch
  • Small power switch
  • A bunch of thin wires (30AWG silicone wires works great)
  • A few different capacitors and resistors

Mechanical parts:

  • All 3D-printed parts
  • Two Ø5mm neodymium magnets
  • A small 20mm spring
  • Three M4 12mm bolts