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Step 1: Insert the two 5mm magnets into the thumb wheel, with different polarity downwards. Chances are that you insert the magnets reverse so that pushing the throttle forwards brakes. If this is the case you can easily pop out the magnets with a pin on the bottom and reverse them. Tip: You could use the hall sensor to tell the polarity of the magnet even before you push them in place.

Step 2: Insert the thumb wheel, the trigger and the rest of the mechanical items. Beginning to look good, right?

Step 3 (optional): The remote is held together by the three M3 socket head screws, and the three holes in the bottom are sized so that M3 threads can be cut directly in the plastic. If you don’t have an M3 thread cutter, you will have to enlarge the holes just a bit by drilling with a 2.5-3mm drill. Important: Be aware of how deep you cut the threads/holes, no more than 10mm depth.

Step 4: Assemble the remote, and enjoy your good work.